Friends of the Forest

Talking about wasting valuable resources in the world. Do you have any idea how many paper towels are used just to soak up bacon grease in the USA, at home in just one year?

Imagine taking 1 roll of paper towels, start where you are and then go around the world back to where you are standing. That’s 25,000 miles. Is that enough? No. Try going around the world 25 times with that roll of paper towels. Maybe that’s enough. It is like putting a diaper on the earth, just to soak up bacon grease.

At WowBacon, we care about reducing demand for paper based products. The WowBacon cooker eliminates the need to use paper towels, napkins etc to soak up all the grease.

The WowBacon cooker paper sleeve, promotional stickers even our business cards are FSC® certified. Our shipping containers are NSF® certified.