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Why WowBacon?

Who enjoys cooking bacon with all that mess? How many different ways are there to cook bacon? All that grease and splatter on the stove, sheets of metal with grease in the oven, reams of paper towels in the microwave. Burnt to a black crisp on the BBQ.

  1. What’s So Good About This Product? 
  • - You can now get that great frying pan taste without the messy splatter, burns and wrecked clothes.

  • - So easy to use…. After only a few tries, just about anyone can do it, even in the dark.

  • - Get chewy or very crispy bacon with the fat dripping down to the bottom.

  • - Experiment with different types of USA style streaky bacon

  • - Take advantage of bacon on sale!

  • - Fits 95% of standard-sized microwave ovens. May be tilted to get it in. Requires 7 1⁄4” inside.

  • - If you use those precious drippings for cooking it’s all in the bottom of the cup ready to use or store.

  • - Be good stewards of the environment and eliminate your use of paper towels.

  • - Dishwasher safe or rinse in hot water.

  • - BPA free and Prop 65 ok